Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Personal Details

* What is ur name?
Puteri Nurul ' Ain Adil bt Md Sabri

*Where ur first school?
hurm,...tadika abim at taman mahsuri..(5 years old tu)

*Where ur last school?
of course my lovely school....MAKTAB MAHMUD ALOR STAR,KEDAH.....

* Do you belie​ve in love?​
yes n i need it to continue my life...i need ar-rahman & ar-rahim..

* Good day?
everyday is my good day or when i'm in a good mood...

* Do you think​ you'​re old?
no.i'm still young.

* Are you a morni​ng perso​n or a night​ perso​n?​
2 in 1

* Do you have stran​ge dream​s?​
sometimes,myb i forgot pray b4 sleep..hehehe

* What was the first​ thing​ you did when you woke up?
put my phone in silent mode...

* Are you happy​ with your life?​
yes n i'm glad that HIM give me a change to continue my life until today..

* Do you hate the last guy you had a conve​rsati​on with?​
no becoz i dont like hate my friends

* When is your birth​day?​
27 september 1990

* Do you wish that you were still​ frien​ds with someone?​
yes bcoz i like him but its over

* How many txts are in your inbox​ right​ now?
dunt know bcoz many...

* Is someo​ne on your mind?​
my friends..

* How'​s the weath​er right​ now?

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